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Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Berchtold

Executive director, consulting engineer for landscape planning exam and accreditation as state-authorised civil engineer for environmental protection and landscape planning

Expertise: project development, management and elaboration of international and eu-projects, ski resort planning, public authority procedures, environmental impact assessment

Email: andreas@berchtold-lp.at

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Dipl.-Ing. Norbert Kerschbaumer

Landscape planner

Expertise: vegetation ecology, landscape ecology, protected area management, alpine pasture management,
ecological construction supervision, public authority procedures

Email: kerschbaumer@berchtold-lp.at

Dipl.-Ing. Michael Grote

Landscape planner

Expertise: landscape architecture, landscape conservation support planning, spatial and regional planning, tourism planning, public authority procedures, media

Email: grote@berchtold-lp.at

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Dipl.-Ing. Hans-Christian Kerstnig

Landscape planner

Expertise: landscape architecture

Email: kerstnig@berchtold-lp.at

Dipl.-Ing. Johann Olinowetz

Landscape planner

Expertise: spatial and regional planning, public authority procedures, natural hazards and risk management, ski resort planning, processing of GIS-data, computer-administration

Email: olinowetz@berchtold-lp.at

Martina Berchtold-Ogris

Management assistant

Expertise: international projects, translations, office management

Email: martina@berchtold-lp.at